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So, NewportMuse and pitufotontin have decided, and the votes are in :D

The winner and the Runner-up of the contest is:

evilcrazysmurf with this piece:

and the Runner-up to the contest is:
demonofnothing with this piece:

Swing by demonofnothing

evilcrazysmurf , your prize will be having Sassette drawn with one or more of your OCs by the judges :D

and demonofnothing , I have come up with conflicting thoughts about your prize, but I decided that you shall have a Smurf Scene drawn for you, but whatever scene you'd like :D

The two drawing prizes shall be done by the Judges themselves, if they're willing :D

Thank you to the rest of the participants for their hard work :D

ChaosAngel-Smurf , DoctorSmurf , Smurfette123, dragongirl582 :D

This has been a journal by me, TOS :)

I hope a contest like this can be done again soon.
Well, well, people, after a few months and a lot of submissions, I believe the contest is over :D

Let's see what out participants have done:


Three Smurfy Superheroines. by Smurfette123


Vexy And Sassette (contest entry) by dragongirl582




Swing by demonofnothing




Brainy and Sassette! by DoctorSmurf

Now that you saw the Submissions, Our judges, which include:
NewportMuse pitufotontin

Shall select the winning deviation from these submissions, and the winner of the contest shall have a Sassette-related Drawing, drawn by the three judges themselves :)

Have fun :D
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Hi, People... :iconthatonesmurfx103-9: here..

So, I'm sorry that this group's activity has been lacking in recent months, but I'm planning to do some more fixes to it, including adding more art to our favorites.

So, it's up to you guys to decide what this group should do more.

Leave an idea or contributions in the comments section and me and the operators should take it in mind :)
As one of the co-founders of the sassetesmurfling group, I am encouraged that the membership has been growing and more DA's are celebrating all things Sassette. As the founder thatonesmurfX103-9 wrote in "About Us", this group is here to show that there are more female Smurfs than just Smurfette! :)

With the introduction of Vexy in "The Smurfs 2", there are now officially four female Smurfs: Smurfette, Sassette, Nanny and Vexy. When I began posting my fan art with all four girls together, more than quite a few Smurf fans were surprised that Smurfette wasn't really the only girl in the village. What that tells me is that there is a new generation of Smurf fans who first discovered the little critters through the recent movies and have never seen the original Hanna-Barbera cartoon show.

That doesn't surprise me. The TV show ended almost 25 years ago and not everyone watches the reruns on Boomerang or wherever. But those fans, often female, get excited when they learn of the other Smurfettes in the Smurf family, and wonder why Sony didn't include them in the films. And I guess that may explain why my own fan art has been so well received almost from day one.

So, I would like to ask the group members a fun little question: Before joining sassettesmurfling or seeing "Smurfs 2", did you think Smurfette was the only girl Smurf in the family? If so, when did you learn there were others? And what was your reaction?

I look forward to your responses. And so will Smurfette, Vexy, Sassette and Nanny. :)
More Journal Entries

Group Info

Admin's note: Because there is another smurfette,and she is redheaded, spunky, and lovely!

Bluebuddies Note: Sassette was created by the Smurflings to serve as a sister for themselves and Smurfette. Sassette is an outdoorsy kind of girl, sports red hair and freckles, and wears pink overalls.

Sassette Voice Sample (From cartoon):…

More Info about Sassette Smurfling:

Sassette is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show from Season 5 all the way to Season 9, the final season.

About her:
She was the second female Smurf who was created by the same magic formula Gargamel had used to create Smurfette with, though the Smurflings who created her used a smaller amount of blue clay than what Gargamel used for Smurfette, resulting in a female Smurfling.

Her attitude is that of a tomboy Smurfling who likes to do things that her fellow male Smurflings do. Smurfette considers her a sister Smurf, though, despite having a hard time understanding Sassette's interests at first.

She does have a girly side though -- she likes dressing up and playing with her doll Smurfy Lou.

Sassette is a tomboy: playful, energetic, and is willing to get dirty just to have some fun. During her debut episode, Sassette liked playing usual boy games, like marbles, climbing trees, digging for earthworms, arm wrestling and even mud playing. She did gain some feminine interests over time.

People who never heard of Sassette always questioned where she came from, as they thought there was only supposed to be one female smurf. Some incorrectly assume she was an offspring of the Smurfs.

She was really created by the Smurflings, in attempt to cheer up a sad Smurfette so that she wouldn't be lonely anymore, but due to their small size, they only gathered enough blue clay to make a Smurfette that was two apples tall (Or the size of a Smurfling).

Like Smurfette, Sassette started out as being extremely rude -- she actually got her name when Hefty pointed out how "Sassy" she was and then Painter called her a "Sassette." She was splashed with the "Smurfy" potion though.

The Smurflings had a hard time warming up to her, but they have now found her to be like a sister. Smurfette and Papa Smurf treat her like a sister and daughter, respectively, as well.

assette had a really rocky start with the Smurflings because she got on their (mostly Snappy's) nerves. They warmed up to her though, and she became another close friend.

Sassette is also close with Smurfette, the two being like sisters, despite their contrasting interests. Smurfette does her best to cheer Sassette up, and Sassette wants everything in Smurfette's life to go smoothly.

Sassette also finds a close father figure with Papa Smurf, who she calls "Pappy" and, later on, with Grandpa Smurf, who she calls "Grandpy". Sassette also likes Gargamel a bit more than the other Smurfs, thinking of him as her 'father' during her debut episode. She calls him "Pappy Gargamel" at some points, though in one episode her affections for the wizard cooled when by holding the Topaz of Truth he unwittingly revealed to Sassette his true evil nature.

She spends most of her time with the Smurflings. Nat is the nicest to her, even when she first appeared. Slouchy didn't really seem to mind her. Snappy, though, is another story. The two bicker a lot, but they are also pretty close (Ex. Outside of the Smurfling group, Sassette and Snappy are always playing with each other)

Sassette also becomes friends with Lord Balthazar's niece, Denisa.

Sassette is always coming up with new plans that she uses to make the lives of her fellow adult Smurfs easier, such as hosting the Mr. Smurf Contest, so that Smurfette could choose which Smurf to be her date to the Harvest Moon Ball.

Smurf's Village Game:
In the game is Sassette's hut on Island.Walls are pink and it have roof of straw.It give you day reward XP ,when is nex to the Snappy's house and Slouchy's house.Her hut costs 30 smurfberries.

and now for some Trivia ;):
- Sassette has a high pitched voice. As such, she has many catchphrases throughout every episode she makes an appearance in, such as - "Jumpin' Jackrabbits!", "Chatterin' Chipmunks!", "Flitterin' Fireflies!", "Colorful Canaries!", "Jumpin' Jaybirds!", "Swamping Shallows!", "Gallopin' Groundhogs!", "Creepin' Caterpillars!", "Worryin' Wombats!", "Hovering Humming Birds!", "Disappearing Dodos!", "Hoppin' Hippos!", "Waking Warthogs!", "Gigglin' Guppies!", "Scamperin' Squirrels!", "Boppin' Robins!", "Creepin' Cobras!", "Sizzlin' Sandcrabs!", "Slitherin' Serpents!", "Happy Homing Pidgeons!", "Tumblin' Tadpoles!", "Bouncin' Bunnies!", "Relaxing Reptiles!", "Scary Scorpions!", "Playin' Porcupines!", "Slippery Sandworms!", "Glitterin' Glowworms!", "Worn-out Warthogs!", "Staggerin' Stallions!", "Grumplin' Groundhogs!", "Howlin' Hounddogs!", "Flappin' Flounders!", "Soarin' Seagulls!", "Hoppin' Horned-toads!", "Weapin' Whipporwalls!", "Singin' Songbirds!", among others.

- Sassette was one of the two smurflings who appeared in a Smurf Magic Berries cereal commercial; the other one was Snappy.

- Being that she is a magically-created Smurf, both Sassette and Smurfette have never been baby Smurfs at any point, though Smurfette was a Smurfling in "Smurf Van Winkle".

- In the comics Sassette has freckles.

- In the cartoon Sassette has a pet frog.

- Sassette is the first created Smurf that was going to explode and kill everyone, though Sassette herself doesn't know that.

More information about the Character and the Episode that she was Featured in (Sassette) can be accessed here:……………

Watch the Episode "Sassette" Here - Season 5, Episode 8:…

Read the Comic "The Smurflings" here:…

About the Comic "The Smurflings" here:…

Sassette has been also featured in many fan stories online via, and here are a few links via Smurfs Fanon Wiki:…………………………

All Information is taken from Smurfs Wiki :)
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